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What is Carbon?

Carbon is a statically typed programming language that is focusing on safety and performance. It’s a third generation language with features inspired from C++ languages. It was created by Chandler Carruth who is working for Google. Carbon is an experimental, general-purpose programming language.

Video Lecture

Carbon-Lang, created to be a "C++ successor". The project is open-source and was started by Google, following in the footsteps of previous Google-made programming languages (Go and Dart). Carbon was introduced at the CppNorth conference in Toronto in July of 2022.

Carbon Introduction

Learning Carbon

Next tutorial will describe Carbon language in details. If you read one page every day you will finish learning in one week.We organize pages in logical order from basic to advanced concepts. For each page you should spend about 1 hour.Don't forget to take a break after reading each page.You can use the next index to visit each chapter. If you are first time here, ignore the index for now and continue reading.


Carbon Quiz

Next quiz does not have a time limit, but you should finish in less than 30 minutes. You can scan the code using a mobile or tablet. If you are already on mobile device, tap the code below to start the quiz. It requires you to sign-in using your Google account.
Carbon Quiz

Carbon - Quiz

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External References

Our tutorial is introductory so there may be some information missing. For deep learning please use these external resources.We have selected only resources that have no ads and are safe to use. We use these resources ourselves to make this tutorial.

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