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Building a budget PC

This build is an exercise for you to learn about computer components. Here you learn something about every major component: HDD, CPU, RAM and MotherBoard.
When you build a PC you have choices to make. Next I will present one reduced budget PC I have created for my son in 2010:┬áThis PC configuration was very good for document editing, internet browsing and low-end games. Higher demanding games can’t be run on this low-end PC.

Computer Case

For this PC I have selected a low budget computer case Antech NSK 4480. This computer case was equipped with power supply and I found it at reduced price for 21$ so it was a very good deal.

Video Card

I have changed Asus Radeon 7770. The video card is uses a little power. It is a low-end video card and can run video-games on a small monitor. This video card is not in production any longer. Howeve it works after 8 years of use.

Motherboard, CPU and RAM

This computer has a motherboard Asus M5A97 R2.0 with Microprocessor AMD FX 6300. It is a 6 core processor at 3500 Mhz. It is a very good processor for low budget computers with reduced power consumption but the motherboard is very hot.

This motherboard has a fancy EFI BIOS that you can use to overclock the processor for a little bit more performance or to reduce power consumption and make the computer more quiet.

CPU (Computer Processor Unit)

The microprocesor is executing the most jobs of the computer. It is used during document editing, internet browsing and video-game play. If the processor is powerful your computer is faster. I have selected a 6 core AMD processor.

CPU: AMD FX 6300 at 99$

RAM (Random Access Memory)

This motherboard has 4 slots for RAM and 2 slots for secondary video card. I have install 8 GB RAM DDR 3 CorsaiVengeancece memory at max 1866 MHZ but I’m using it at 1333 MHZ. You can find this memory for 65$ or less.

Power Supply

The computer case had a power supply of 380W that I had to change for Corsair CX430 at 45$ 3 years ago. AMD FX 6300 Processor use to compete for power with the Radeon 7770 video card and computer become unstable when play games.

For my recent update this year (2016) I have changed the video card to Nvidia 650 Ti and I had to change the power supply again to Corsair 650W for 65$. So be very careful to calculate the power requirements right, then add 50% power reserve.

The older power supplies are still very good and now available for sale. One thing to notice about power supply is the fan. Both are very quiet one Antech is using a 92 mm fan while the Corsair is using a 120 mm fan which I prefer.

Install HDD and Case Fun

For this computer, I have used one WD RAPTOR at 250GB that is very good for Windows operating system. It uses 10.000 RPM unlike other WD HDD that usually have 7.500 RPM.

What is intresting is this HDD is small but has a large and solid cooler. The connectors are not at the standard position. So this HDD can’t be used in a drower.

This PC has a secondary disk Seagate Baracuda 1 TB that is also very good HDD for games. The computer case is very small and it was a little bit difficult to install the 2 HDD inside plus 2 x 3.5″ devices.

In this picture, you can also see the case 120 mm extra fun that is RPM controlled (using 4 wires). This is very useful for to let the hot air exit the computer case when you play.

Extra cable space…

This computer case has on top an extra space for cables. This is very useful and welcome. However, new power supply has removable cables so I manage to reduce the number of unused cables.

Fragile power button…

This computer case has a very fragile power button that had to be repaired. It was difficult to open the front panel to reach the button inside. I had to make 2 small holes in the front panel and use 2 screws to fix the button.

Missing air filters…

The missing air filters allow all dust to enter in the computer case. If you live close to a road then you probably have a lot of dust in your home. Make sure you buy an air purifier for your room if you use this computer case.

Stay away from this computer case !