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What is Bee?

Bee is an experimental, computer language designed by Sage-Code Laboratory. We have started in June 2008. We have resume the design in 2023 with fresh ideas. We will improve the design for a long time without any implementation until we have a sponsor.
Bee Logo

Bee Specification

Next we will describe Bee syntax using examples of code. This is a high level design not a detailed specification. We organize the pages in logical order from basic concepts to advanced to learn the language features and use cases.

Disclaimer: Bee can be used for pseudocode, but there is no implementation to execute this code. However, in this documentation we refer to Bee using perfect tense to simplify the text and avoid future text modifications.

Basic Concepts

Advanced Concepts

Bee Keyboard

Bee require Unicode symbols so it is hard to type. To overcome this difficult obstacle we have design a special keyboard. One day maybe we will manage to create this keyword to fix productivity issues. With this keyboard writing Bee code will be more efficient. Until then we can use a tablet app or programable keyboard.


Bee-14a Layout

External References

We store code snippets, project code and tools on GitHub. There is no release, but you can clone this repository on your computer to investigate the examples. Bee have syntax color files for Notepad++.

Instructions: We use dark theme for this project. So after you download, and install the "UDL" (User Define Language) you have to change settings in the Notepad++ style dialog, like the picture below:

Notepad++ Style

Notepad++ Style Configuration

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