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Bee Language

Bee is a technical computer language for arithmetic and geometry. It is statically typed like Ada but has type inference like Python. It is a multi-paradigm language, definitely non conventional.


Our goal is to create a comprehensive language that looks good. It uses similar notations and symbols to mathematics that you learn in school. Therefore Bee is going to be easy to read. This helps new developers to understand code examples and learn algorithms faster.


The name of this project was hijacked by hackers. We will continue this project in private until we manage to finish our first release. To join this project you must know Rust. If you do, contact us using a support ticket.


Bee language is using Unicode symbols. We have design a special keyboard called Bee-14. It is not yet implemented by any manufacturer. Please review this keyboard and provide feedback on our forum if you like. 

Bee Keyboard Details


This quiz is out of date. If you try an fail the exam do not wary too much. We will update this exam when the project will be mature enough for our members to learn it. Some people took this exam and found it entertaining. If you do please do not provide feedback and do not bother to register in our leader-board. It will be useless since we will reset this board after update.

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