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Axia Manager

This is an ERP management system for enterprise. It’s name Axia means value in Greek. We use this project to research website development technology and database design. We will create a common design and implement multiple versions using different technology. Version number for each release will be synchronized.


For front-end we use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a SPA = Single Page Application that is capable to run on multiple devices. Each version will have same or similar functionality. Each project will have a different owner and is hosted on a different repository. 

romeoOracleRoRRubyNot assigned
dorotyMySQLGenieJuliaNot assigned
biancaAuroraVueJavaScriptNot assigned


We use Google Drive to create the design documents. Members who wish to implement a new version must have a google account to visualize this design. The owner of project is free to chose a different license. The implementations are going to be open source but the releases will be provided only for subscribers. 


Romeo project will be organized in 3 different components stored on GitLab repository. To have access to these repositories you must be member in GitLab group: axiamgr. You need to register on to have an account then I can invite you to this group.

  • axia-model  – Database model
  • axia-engine – Back-end services
  • axia-dialog  – Front-end website


To participate to this project you need to pass all required exams for a full stack developer. If you do I will list your score on rating board and will invite you to the project when we get started. Here are the exam requirements:

  • CSE: Engineering
  • CSD: Databases + PL/SQL
  • CSP: HTML + CSS  
  • CSP: Ruby | Julia | JavaScript


This project can be hosted using a private instance on company internet or service provider. Logo and company name is variable depending on the user instance. We use a basic logo for demo, that can be changed later. This is the basic logo: