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To become a member in our organization you must register. The registration is free but you must provide a valid e-mail address and prove that you are not a robot. This help us to filter spammers and keep our content clean. 

Your role

  • Freelancer: this is the default role. In this role you can interact with other members using our community forum. If you take an exam you can register your score in our top-list. To gain work experience you can participate to projects created by our research team.
  • Researcher: after you pass qualification exams you get promoted, then you can create tutorial articles and register a research project. After this you can discuss it on the forum and invite other members to team-up and help you.
  • Instructors: are professionals that prove trustworthy. To receive this role you must pass at least one qualification exam with more than 90% score, and post at least 3 articles on forum. In this role you can create quiz questions and edit articles from other members.
  • Subscribers: are entrepreneurs who wish to host a private project and receive programming services from a freelancer or a team. A subscriber pays a minimum fee each month and can ask for services using support tickets. Subscription is explained in details in our service pages.
Note: Our organization is operating on a minimum cost and does not produce any income. We are working to improve content and expand our services. However at this time we can not offer any incentive to our contributors. This may change in the future but we can not make any promises.


We provide training classes to improve your skills and capabilities. Our curriculum is created by senior developers with experience in computer science and information technology and by Sage Code qualified members. After training we offer free knowledge assessment. If you pass with a high score we promote you to next role.

If you pass the rating exams we recognize you as qualified software developer. This do not means anybody else will. So we provide an opportunity for you to work on our projects to exercise and prove your value. We endorse your qualification using a testimonial document that you can download, print or share, using a secret link.

Disclaim: Our testimonial is independent, not endorsed by any school, teacher or authority. We assume you are independent student, researcher or entrepreneur  looking for practical experience and new technology not useless credentials.


We host research projects and private projects. When you register a new project you become the project owner. You are in charge for leading the project team. After you have created a design document you can invite other members to join you. Here are some rules you must follow to be a successful project owner.

  • Written. All communication should be in written form; if this is not possible, any relevant communication should be transcribed or summarized in writing.
  • Complete. Communication should be comprehensive and to the extent possible, complete. Assumptions are made explicit and key conclusions are summarized.
  • Archived. All communication should get archived for search and later public review. Thus, previous conversations are available for posterity.
Sponsors: There is a coffee cup icon on the footer of  this page. If you click it, you will visit our Patreon website. On this website we host exclusive research content and polls. We will provide a link on news articles when a new poll is available for your vote.


You can post questions and remarks on the forum. If someone is responding you can vote an answer up or down if the answer was comprehensive or not. Members who respond, will automatically gain reputation, stars and titles. We look forward for your feedback. For most active members we grand extra credentials on our endorsement. 

Note: For chat and direct message you can join one of these applications: Discord or Slack

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