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Here you start training without registration for free. Just select a class and read the content. After junior training you can register and contribute on our forum with questions or feedback.


New members start with freelancer role. For this role we provide research classes and project hosting. You can interact with other members and you can ask questions on forum. Freelancers with experience will be invited to become instructors. In this role you can create new articles, video lectures and research projects.

Note: Instructors are volunteers who spend personal time in exchange for experience and reputation. You can be an Instructor only if you have time for research and study. We have no budget to invest for new content or research.


We provide training classes to improve your skills and capabilities. Our curriculum is created by volunteers with experience in computer science and information technology. After training we offer free knowledge assessment.

If you pass the rating exams we recognize you as qualified software developer. This do not means anybody else will. So we provide an opportunity for you to work on our projects to exercise and prove your value. We endorse your qualification using a testimonial document that you can download, print or share, using a secret link.


Instructors who create new articles, code snippets and project templates become stake holders. This is called “sweat equity“. Equity owners are our research partners. As equity holder you can influence our future research and development.


When you register a project you become project owner. You are in charge for leading the project team. After you have created a design document you can invite other members to join you. Here are some rules you must follow to be a successful project owner.

  • Written. All communication should be in written form; if this is not possible, any relevant communication should be transcribed or summarized in writing.
  • Complete. Communication should be comprehensive and to the extent possible, complete. Assumptions are made explicit and key conclusions are summarized.
  • Archived. All communication should get archived for search and later public review. Thus, previous conversations are available for posterity.

Note: Comments are disabled on our website. You can post questions and feedback articles on our forum. For contact and direct message you can join one of these:

See also: trainingservices