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Welcome to Sage Code laboratory. This is a research community for learning Computer Science. We offer remote training and project hosting services for students and professional software developers.


Our website is protected by a secure protocol and we review all articles before publishing them. Therefore our content is safe and secure. We have zero tolerance for trolls, spammers and offensive users. All account data is secure and we will never send you unsolicited messages or passwords on your e-mail box.


You need to register a user account before you can use our services. We advice to use your real name and e-mail address to represent yourself. If we fail to verify your e-mail you will not be able to use your new account.

We think there is no reason to hide your profile. If you do we reserve the right to ban your account any time without warning.

After registration you will have one role: Freelancer, Researcher or Instructor. After training your role can be changed to reflect your future activity:

  • Freelancer: this is the default role you get automatically after you register. In this role you can interact with other members using our community forum. If you take an exam you can record your score in our leader-board. After you pass the exam with more than 80% you can get promoted to next role.
  • Researcher: with this role, you can create new tutorial articles for an existing class and you can register your project. Then you can discuss it on the forum and invite other members to team-up. If you continue your training and you pass a new exam with more than 90% you will get promoted to next role. 
  • Instructors: are members that prove reliable an trustworthy. In this role you can create training classes and research projects. Most instructors will have a profile page with: picture, social links and portfolio references. We endorse our instructors on Linked-in to get jobs on prestigious companies. 
Social links: The footer of this website has social links related to our activity. If you are also member on Twitter, Linked-in, Reddit or YouTube you can follow us.  If you have the resources you can become one of our sponsors and influence our future research using Patreon website.


We provide free on-line training articles for beginners. You can start from zero and become an average developer in short time. Our training is provided without admittance exam. For developer who graduate the basic training we offer advanced training that is also free but require a premium subscription.

After training you will take a self-assessment exam.  If you pass, we recognize you as qualified software developer. At your request we can endorse your activity using a testimonial on Liked-in website. This may help to get invitations for job interview but you need to practice on real projects to become a professional developer. 

Disclaim: Sage Code training is independent. Our activity is not endorsed by any school or government. 


We host open source projects for our own training and experience. You can register your own project and link your repository to our project hosting page. You are the project owner and we get no benefits from hosting your project. Here are some rules you must follow to be a successful project owner.

  • Written: All communication should be in written form; if this is not possible, any relevant communication should be transcribed or summarized in writing.
  • Complete: Communication should be comprehensive and to the extent possible, complete. Assumptions are made explicit and key conclusions are summarized.
  • Archived: All communication should get archived for search and later public review. Thus, previous conversations are available for posterity.


After you register feel free to ask any question or post feedback about our content and projects on the related Forum. For each post you will receive reputation points. Reputation is a valuable asset of your Sage-Code profile. It is more likely to get help and invitation to new projects if your reputation is higher. 


Our best researchers will be invited to join our team and provide freelancing services. Some of our services are free. For premium services you must be a subscriber.  If you are intrested to offer or receive programming services please visit our service page.


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