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CSE: Engineering

The purpose of Software Engineering discipline is to teach you how to create high quality software and avoid catastrophic defects.  Here you learn about programming methodology, software architecture and testing.


You do not need any previous experience as software developer before taking this class. We assume you understand basic mathematics notations and concepts taught in school to young adults between age of 14 to 18. We do not recommend this course for children.

Wikipedia: is a great resource to learn more about software engineering  and history of computer science. However this domain is vast and intimidating for beginners. Therefore we have selected the most useful topics to introduce you to software development and computer programming. 

Video Lectures

I have posted several videos on YouTube about Software Engineering. You can watch the entire play-list in about 2 hours. I suggest you watch one or two videos every day for 7 days. After watching these videos you can learn more by reading the text articles. Or you can do them in parallel. After this lectures you will be ready to start learning computer languages.

Rating Exam

Next exam has frequent questions you may be asked on a technical interview. It is the first exam required for all Sage Code qualifications. After you pass you can register your score in the leader board that is display below. This is optional but welcome. If you wish to be removed from this list, you can submit a support ticket. 

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