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We provide project hosting services at low cost to help you build a portfolio project and advertise your skills on the Internet. This can help you get a job, build a business or bust your career. Some of these services will require manual work but after initial setup everything will run autmaticly without human intervention.


#? Service Description Price Status
1 Server Windows game server (10 users) 10$/month active
1 Repository Private Git repository, (not GitHub) 10$/year pending
2 Database PostgreSQL or MariaDB 10$/year pending
3 Build Scheduled compilation & unit test 10$/year pending
4 Testing Functional/E2E test automation 10$/year pending
5 Backup Secondary backup on internal HDD 10$/year pending
6 Archive External archive on optical disk 10$/event pending
7 Restore Restore repository from backup 10$/event pending

?= Status
= available
= not available


You can pay for our services periodicly by using next PayPall button. Please add a note so that we can identify your order or invoice. You can also use your name, project name or a useful description that can give us a clue about your payment purpose. Thank you!


We accept projects only from members that have a profile page. You can order a profile page, after you finish the programming tutorial and pass the prep quiz. After you order we list your portfolio projects into a table with links to open/view or download, depending on your project type.
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After you order we will prepare a project estimate, that you can print and file. We grant you 30 days trial period before we release your first invoice. We will provide one electronic invoice for every year. If you can't pay after 30 days we will suspend your service but we resume once we receive payment.


Our service is design for small, private projects, < 1GB. We can list your projects on your profile page, so that anybody having the link to your profile can see your portfolio project and asses your skills. Unlike open source projects you can keep your portfolio code secret and enable visitors to download only the released files.


You can build a database application using our services. We can set-up a small <1GB database user that you can use to create a demo business app. This can use input forms and output table or graph on your portfolio page. We can assist with creation of custom structure and data pipeline using our automation services.


Your build will be scheduled at one particular hour, every day. We interlace projects so the build time is distinct for each project. After build we run a very short test called "smoke test" if this is available. We push the release artifacts on-line for download. You will be able to download most recent release using FTP or HTTP protocol.


We enable creation of test automation services. This is done on our back-end servers using test scripts. We set-up several testing jobs customized for the specifics of your project: dry-run, smoke-test, nightly-test and wekly-test can be scheduled. We publish test logs for you to download and investigate. Not all projects require test automation.


We do a periodic backup for all repositories on internal disk (HDD). This is automaticly done every week. We can use this only for desaster recovery. We can not restore an individual repository from this backup. Therefore we provide a secondary backup on a dedicated machine that has high capacity magnetic disk, tape drive, DVD and Blue-Ray. You can order this backup for each of your project.


We offer long term archive for your project or business data. Optical storage is more safe than disk storage and can be preserved for many years. We use one optical disck for each project. If you order more than one archive, we will use the same disk until is full then add a new disk. We store all disks in a special place protected against sun-light, dust and humidity.


You can order a restore for your repository from a backup or archive. If you cancel your service, without ordering an archive your project will be permanently erased. It will be no posibility of retrival. Therefore we think you should order one regular archive/year for all your projects, just in case.


Our business is designed to be efficient and therefore affordable. We have a tiny data center in a small office in Chicago and there are no plans to expand. We use a single modem to connect to internet therefore our back-end services are limited. To compensate we host a domain on a popular ISP in San Francisco.


To acieve performance at low cost we use our own custom made, computers. We own two Linux and two Windows micro-servers with optimized RAID storage. We use large capacity, enterprise class HDD disks for RAID and smaler SSD and RAPTOR disks for OS. We host: virtual worlds, databases, backup space and automation jobs.

Echo Mode

Our servers are using multi-core AMD processors with two 8GB GPU. These are effective but power hungrly. We use platinum edition power supplies in echo-mode. This enable automatic power-down when there is no load. Keeping the servers in stand-by is a great way to save electricity. This is our way!


Our bigest weakness is the limited upload bandwith. We use an asymetric modem, therefore we can not afford to upload large files and we can not accept inbound connections. Download bandwith is good for large data sets so we can test your software and do backups at low cost.


We do not use e-mail for communication. All technical details and support will be communicated using private messages on Discord. Be careful don't ask for any service on public chat. Also invoices are electronic, we do not send you paper on ground mail to prevent agains Coronavirus. Wear a mask and stay safe!