Sage-Code Laboratory

Sage-Code Projects

We have set-up several research projects for innovation and practice. You can clone any repository, download the code and investigate using your favorite text editor. If you like a project, you are invited to contribute.


Disclaim:  Our code is designed for learning. It comes with no guaranty of quality and it can not be used for real world application. Our intentions are honest but just in case of missuse we can not be hold responsable for causing any business losses, incident, brain damage or other injuries.
#? Project Description Technology Stage
1 maj Constructed language Google Docs Implement
2 eve Interpreted language Notepad++ Design
3 bee Compiled language Notepad++ Design
Not ours: We do not develop Sage - Accounting nor Sage Math - programming language that exist somewere else on the internet. Our organization has nothing to do with these. Do not be confused that these two projects are not listed here.

?= Status
❙❙= on hold
= in work
= in use
= archived


If you have the means and wish to see one of these projects done, you can make a donation using PayPall. We use your contribution to pay for hosting services and cloud resources. Please add a note on PayPall form or post a message on any of our chat rooms about your favorite project. Thank you!


You can apply to work for Sage-Code projects remotely as volunteer. This is the best technique to learn programming. We have live streaming on Twitch, tech-talks on Discord and Work items on GitHub. Follow next guide to connect with us:

1. Get Developer Role

If you agree to contribute, send a direct message to @elucian on Discord or Twitter for a short interview. We will chat about your skills, then if you qualify we send you an invitation to join our GitHub organization. When you contribute on GitHub your skill and reputation will grow automatically. We look forward to work with you!

2. Set Developer Profile

We have registered our organization on Linkedin. You can set-up your profile and work for Sage-Code as volunteer. If you perform well we will endorse your skills and experience. This will improve your chanses to be found by companies and get a job. When you have enaugh experience we welcome you to continue your activity here. We will never fire our members and will support you to grow into career by learning new skills.

3. How to make money?

We have no quick way to offer income, sorry. However you can make money by working as a freelancer or author on side projects. For example if you make videos for Sage-Code you can publish them on your own channel and receive income from ads. We can link your video channel to your CV. Then you can use our website as a reference and present yourself as one of us, if you are.