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What is Maj?

Maj is an artificial auxiliary language designed for chat. Its purpose is to enable creation of a demonstrative applications and tools that teachs you the language dictionary on a mobile device. The app for this language will be written in Dart & Flutter. Until this is ready we use Google Docs to explain the design.

Maj Alphabet

In next table we list the Latin version of Maj alphabet. Maj has only 24 letters in this alphabet. The letters (Q & W) are not used in Maj. You will learn later, Maj has a secondary alphabet of 28 letters optimized for handwriting.

Maj Alphabet

Maj-Latin Alphabet

Maj Documents

Next we will describe Maj language in details using examples. Notice Maj is difficult to learn and requires many hours of study. This language is not yet even spoken by anybody so you do not have someone to help you along. Until we finish the design, many things will probably change.

Discord Community

For this project we have a special community of con-langers. I will try to teach and learn Maj language. We have a channels to speack about grammar, make examples and create new words. You are invited to join in and start learning Maj. You need to know Maj very well to work on future projects related to Maj language.


Invitation to Discord

External Tools

We have created external tools for Maj language. You can use these tools to learn Maj reading and writing rules. For now these tools are simplistic and demonstrative. We have plan to create our own tools when the time is right.

External tool:

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