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What is Java?

Java is an object oriented programming language designed to be safe and overcome C++ errors. Can run on many operating systems: Android, Windows, Linux and IOS. It is a popular, back-end enterprise language. Also is the default language for Android devices.

Video Lecture

If you have the bandwith, you can watch the next video to learn this language. This film is only 8 min long, it has no ads and is very informative for beginners. It was recorded by Elucian at Sep 18, 2016. Nobody liked this video yet.

HTML Tutorial

Learning Java

Next tutorial will describe Java language in details. We organize pages in logical order from basic to advanced. We will provide a link at the end of each page, for oppening next page. If you are first time here, ignore the index for now and continue reading. You can use the index later to visit the pages in random order.


Object Oriented:

External References

Our tutorial is introductory so there may be iformation missing. In the future we will improve this tutorial with more examples of code. For deep learning please use Oracle reference manuals. We use these resources ourseves to make this tutorial.

Tip: Oracle has good documentation about Java but it is difficult to search. You can use Google search box with following trick to get response from Oracle docs. Start any search query with "Oracle Java ...", for example: "Oracle Java Generics" and you will find the answer much faster.

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