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What is Go?

Go also known as Go-Lang is a third generation computer language. It was designed by a team at Google lead by Rob Pyke. The intention was to create a system language to replace C++ but this was changed later after Go has implemented a garbage collector. Now Go is just another high-level language for cloud services and parallel computing.

Video Lecture

If you have the bandwith, you can watch the next video to learn about Go language. This film is 7 min long, it has no ads and is very informative for beginners. It was recorded by Elucian in Sep 25, 2016. We hope you like it and decide to learn Go-Lang.

HTML Tutorial

How to learn Go:

Our next tutorial will describe Go language in details. We organize content in logical order from basic concepts to advanced. If you read one page every day you will finish learning in one week. For each page you should spend about 1 hour. Don't forgate to take a breack after reading a page. You can use next index to visit or re-visit every page.


External References

Our tutorial is introductory so there may be some information missing. For deep learning please use these external resources. We have selected only resources that have no ads and are safe to use. We use these resources ourseves to make this tutorial.

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