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What is C++?

C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs since 1979-1980 as an extension of the C language. It is considered safer that C but it can produce larger executable code and takes more resources to compile. C++ can be used for creation of high performance applications, server side services, desktop GUI applications, visual games, databases and operating systems.

Video Lecture

If you have the bandwith, you can watch the next video to learn about C++ language. This film is 5 min long, it has no ads and is very informative for beginners. It was filmed by Elucian Moise in Sept 27/2016. After you finish, don't forget to press the like button, and thanks. We appreciate all likes!

HTML Tutorial

Learning C++ language

Next tutorial will describe language syntax in details. If you read one page every day you will finish learning in one week. We organize pages in logical order from basic to advanced concepts. For each page you should spend about 1 hour. If you are first time here, ignore the index for now and continue reading. You can use the index later to continue study after taking a break.


External References:

There is a standard specification (ISO) for C++. There are many C++ implementations. Every vendor will deliver a documentation for C++ compiler and its supported features. You must get familiar with compiler documentation before you can write professional code and compile it succesfully. I have used these links to learn C++ for myself:

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