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What is C?

C is a legendary system programming language. It is one of most important low level languages in computer industry. It was created at Bell-Labs by Dennis Ritchie after B language in 1973. It is the default language for UNIX and Linux platforms.

Video Lecture

If you have the bandwith, you can watch the next video to learn about both C++ and C. This film is only 5 min long, it has no ads and is very informative for beginners. It was filmed by Elucian Moise in Sept 27/2016. This language is not for everyone.

C Tutorial

Learning C

In the next tutorial you will learn syntax of C language (not C++). We organize pages in logical order to learn basic concepts of programming. On each page there is a link at the bottom to read next page. On top-right of every page there is an index link. You can use this index if you wish to jump to a particular page. If you are first time here, ignore the index for now and continue reading.

C-lang Index

Run C Examples

For learning C we use our favorite website. That can run almost any language, for free. I preffer to use this website to store examples for your training. You do not need to install a C compiler on your computer. You can log-in using your personal GitHub account and you can create new examples.

example example

External References

C language do not have a home page of its own. It seams Bell-Labs has gifted its programming languages to the world and is doing other things. I have search the internet to collect best documentation without ads. Here is what I have found:



This tutorial do not covers C++ syntax. After you finish learning C you can learn C++ using external references. We will not make a tutorial for C++ except if one of you will volunteer to contribute.

  • DevDoc C++ Language Reference
  • CPP Reference (C++ 11,14,17,20,23)

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