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What is Bee?

Bee is an experimental, disruptive computer language designed by Sage-Code members from June to Sepetemner 2008 when the original team split. Our goal was to make an efficient technical language. This proved to be challanging. We have resume the design in 2020.
Bee Logo

Bee Specification

Next we will describe Bee language specification in details using examples of code. This is a high level requirement document. We organize the pages in logical order from basic to advanced but sometimes a concept is used in examples before is explained. We assume you will read this documentation twice if you wish to work on Bee project.

Disclaimer: In this documentation we reffer to Bee using perfect tense like it is already realized, but this language is not implemented yet. Please read instead of "is", "it will be" or even better "it should be".

Basic Concepts

Advanced Concepts

Bee Keyboard

Bee require Unicode symbols so it is hard to type, so we have design a special keyboard. One day maybe we will manage to create this keyword to fix productivity issues. Without this keyboard Bee is an awful language. We will have other technical solutions to improve typing but this is the best.


Bee-14a Layout

External References

We store code snippets, project code and tools on GitHub. There is no release yet but you can clone this repository on your computer to investigate the examples. You can use Notepad++ to open these examples. We have syntax color files for MD-Wiki pages and Bee syntax.

Instructions: The theme for this project is dark. So after you donwload, and install the "UDL" (User Define Language) you have to change settings in the Notepad++ style dialog like these in the picture below:

Notepad++ Style

Notepad++ Style Configuration

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