Sage-Code Laboratory
Welcome to Sage-Code! We are a research community for Computer Science and Information Technology. We offer free on-line tutorials for unsupervised, individual study. Our website is optimized for landscape second monitor or mobile tablet. It is higly responsive, have no adds and require no subscription. Enjoy your visit.
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This tutorial is for beginners to learn quickly the right way how to design and manage code. This know-how is mandatory for any software developer who wish to become professional.


Next you can study one or more programming languages from A to Z. We teach you syntax, semantics and best practice using concise articles, and self explanatory code snippets.

Research Activity

Sage-Code community is open and distributed. We work from home or other remote locations. Our website is safe, clean and very secure. We do not collect any data from our members. Instead we use popular social media platforms:

We are looking for volunteers to work with us on Sage-Code projects. If you are ready to contribute, send a direct message to Elucian on Twitter or Discord. We will chat about your skills, then we send you an invitation to join our organization. We look forward to meet you on-line: Have fun!