Sage-Code Laboratory

Hi, welcome to Sage-Code! We are a small research community for Computer Science and Information Technology. We study programming languages, problem solving, compilers and high performance computing. Our content is optimized for confortable reading on second monitor, laptop or tablet. Enjoy!
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Here you can learn fundamental programming concepts about: data types, logic, expressions, problem solving, architecture, design, testing, tools and most importantly: team-work.


Next you can study one or more programming languages from A to Z. We teach syntax and semantics using concise articles with diagrams, pictures, videos, and code snippets.


Sage-Code community is open and distributed. We work and study from home or private offices. Our website is safe, clean and very secure. To make this possible we don't collect e-mail address. Instead we use most popular social media platforms and mobile apps:
▶ GitHub Repository for open source projects
▶ Discord App and web-app for voice contact and chat
▶ Reddit App and web-forum for feedback and debate
▶ Dev-to Community blog for programming articles
▶ Google Tools for quizzes, documents, and diagrams
▶ Linked-in Web-site for profiles, networking and business


We develop open source projects for research and private projects for business. If you have the skills you can join our team.


After training you can order a profile page. In addition, we offer project hosting services, to develop and publish your project.


Our training is 100% free, have no adds and require no subscription. We do not sell you anything you don't need. However we also offer programming services that require your contribution. Click the button below to make a due payment or a small donation. Thank you!

Life is awfully short, so don't waste this opportunity. Click on the icons below to join us. We are looking forward to meet you on-line!