Sage-Code Laboratory
Sage-Code is an independent research community for Computer Science and Information Technology. Our members are students, computer enthusiasts and freelancers. We study Programming Languages and Software Engineering. Join us to learn new skills and gain work experience.
Sage-Code in Ruins


We have simplified our homepage to improve maintenability, security and performance. Our main content is now publicly available on GitHub. That means you can read all articles without registration and you can download examples, but you need a GitHub account to contribute. Click the button below to find out more.


We have discontinued our previous WordPress forum and we have created a community on Reddit instead. This is a popular free web-app that hosts discution groups. You must have an account to participate but registration is free. We are using Reddit for contact, news, polls, chat and direct messages.


We provide two courses for beginners to study and become software developers. These courses consist of wiki-books, video lectures and code snippets hosted on GitHub. Our courses are provided for free, have no adds and require no registration to follow. We do not track your progress so you are free to start or drop any class any time you like. If you want, you can post feedback about your progress on Reddit, Linkedin or Twitter. Click one of the immages below to start or continue your training.
Learn how to build applications.
Learn a programming language.